Caseco launches Duo Connect Series

Caseco launches Duo Connect Series featuring smallest, universal car mount
Shock Express case and Core 360° car mount bundled together for seamless driving

Shock Express case and Core 360° car mount bundled together for seamless driving

Shock Express case and Core 360° car mount bundled together for seamless driving

Toronto, ON (April 21, 2016) — Caseco, a leading Canadian mobile phone accessory manufacturer, launched the first-ever Duo Connect Series in North America featuring the highly-protective Shock Express iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases with a built-in attachment for the sleek Core 360° car mount.

Duo Connect is the first of its kind pairing a phone case and built-in disc with the world’s smallest universal car mount. Metal disc magnets do not demagnetize credit cards or cause damage to phone or case making it safe for all users.

With hands-free driving becoming the new standard, Caseco created the Duo Connect package for safer, more seamless mobile connection.

“The Duo Connect allows for easier, safer hands-free driving,” said Caseco CEO Jay Rahman. “The Core 360° mounts to any non-vinyl surface in your vehicle and easily connects with the Shock Express phone case containing a built-in metal disk.”

Drop and shock proof, the Duo Connect Series includes the Shock Express case with a soft inner rubber layer to isolate your phone from the most jarring of bumps and a carbon fiber outer shell built to military standards. Additionally, studded grips custom molded on either side of the case make the phone slip resistant and easy to grab.

The popular Core 360° is a rotatable mount that holds the user’s device onto any flat surface, and features a magnet for easy detachment. With a mount attachment built-in to the case, an industrial strength metal ring adhesive by 3M™ sits snugly in the center of the case. Incorporated into the ergonomic design, the metal ring adds almost no bulk, so the case still slips in and out of pockets with ease.
Also built-in to the case is a sound enhancer that that improves audio by redirecting the sound to the front of case creating a crystal clear difference.

Users have the option of selecting either the Core 360° car mount or the Mountie car vent mount with an ultra-simple universal clip that holds your device onto horizontal as well as vertical clips. Both car mounts work with any device up to 1.3 pounds. Packages also include screen protector for maximum protection.

The Core 360° Duo Connect package is available now on for $59.99, with free shipping across North America and a 30-day money back guarantee. The Mountie Duo Connect package will be available for purchase April 27, 2016.

About Caseco:
Designed for life, Caseco products fit your lifestyle and meet the demands of your busy workday. Founded by a team of successful mobile phone accessory industry veterans in 2013, Caseco is a leading Canadian manufacturers of innovative products designed to enhance popular mobile phones, tablets and wireless devices. All Caseco products are backed by a one-year warranty. Learn more about Caseco at


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